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Awsome article. Bookmarked for future referrence

03/23/10 @ 17:54
dieta kopenhadzka

Is this cms you use good for my first blog ? I want to start blogging soon and looking for good platform.

03/27/10 @ 11:18
Comment from: mblade


I would suggest 5 options, Wordpress, B2evolution or Drupal, Joomla. the later two are CMS - so if you require that with all those features (see and research each). Wordpress is standard blog software, b2evolution is what I use now. Drupal is what I’m researching for a more social networking blog in the near future.

The other option is a free simple blog by (which I have tried as well) so you don’t have to pay hosting costs or really configure anything to begin. Later you can migrate your posts to something else even if its just through cut and paste.

Whatever you choose, keep writing, include pictures, videos, etc. Find a subject your interested in and keep feeding that blog, it will eventually evolve and then even evolve you!


Michael Blade

03/28/10 @ 11:35
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03/28/10 @ 15:55
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