Maybe We Really Do Live Inside A Simulation?!

Is is so hard to imagine we might all live inside of a computer simulation?  It has been preposed many times by scientists and hollywood alike.  Its impossible to tell, because for those inside the simulation we can not observe it from the outside (although I may be wrong link1 link2).  However in todays wold of increasing virtual reality and games of extreme realism, its not so impossible to imagine.

Clearly Why Some People Still Don't Believe In Climate Change

This is one of the most insightful videos on why when I talk to people about climate change, some still denied it (even people very close to me), or think it is just not an important enough subject to talk about.  I think one of the reasons not mentioned in this video is helplessness.  We feel helpless in the face of a problem so large that we don't know how there is anything we can do about it.  I know I do.

We need to move on to solutions that everyone can participate in.  This is the hard part, because we don't know who to believe or who to trust.  Hopefully in the coming years things will become clear and strategies will be able to motivate people, society and technological changes.  The threat of PAIN seems not to be enough to motivate at this time.  The best I can presently do is keep repeating the same message, maybe a little differently each time.

Life on Mars? Dead or Alive? Science Fiction??? Why We Need To Know.

Mounting evidence is suggesting I was correct back in 2008 in suggesting that there still may be life on mars.  Methane was recently discovered during a 2 month period by Curiosity rover on Mars.  That and also Allan Hills 84001 with possible evidence suggesting a meteorite from the forth planet from the sun might have fossilized life and finally the strange unexplained results from the first test by Viking really clinch it for me.  Not being a scientist I can believe, where they must have irrefutable evidence.

So let's get that evidence!  Let us assume for now that there is a high probability life is still alive on mars and let's get the funding going to prove me completely wrong!


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