Artificial Consciousness!


I was going to write a review of the movie Interstellar which I just saw, but instead I am prompted to respond to a media statement by Stephen Hawking...  On why we need AI, no Artifical Consciousness (that of humans uploaded and composite beings).


We need artificial intelligence for the following reasons: Human beings are too selfish and disorganized as individuals and in groups to make and coordinate the changes necessary for the survival of the species and the stewardship of the biosphere. Our contrivances are not natural, they are tools and machines... But we are derived naturally from evolution... Our systems and numbers have become so many and complex that to maintain and adapt them to the consequential changes in our environment we need help through the development of AI and the global brain (Internet).

Do We Have A Destiny?


I recently responded to this question on Linkedin and decided to post my answer here because it was so different and unique, I have no idea if it is correct or not and no one else can either.  But here it is  . . .Do We Have a Destiny?

Reality vs. Unreality by Michael Blade

So the future is a possibility cloud, where the past is fixed after it happens, the present now is fluid.  All things happen in a totality of parallel realities.  A simulation of a certain time frame, past, present or future makes anything possible for those living inside the simulation, it -the sim or (Siman) simulated human, only has to be hosted (run) on a complex enough computer, most probably in the distant future...




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