Transhumanist Ideals

First I would like to talk about the ideals most common transhumanist have (as if you could consider a transhumanist average in today's age).  These ideals include extended life to the point of immortality and extended functional capabilities, basically increased intelligence, strength, improved senses as well as new ones humans have never before had.  Much better adaptability to a technologically sophisticated world, growing ever more complex by the day.  These new capabilities include complete and total control of our environment, the ability to shape anything and everything at will, including oneself.

Posthuman, A Poem © Michael Blade

Note: My special thanks to Donato Giancola for the use of this © 2008 image above.
Visit his art website here.

Posthuman by Michael Blade © 2010


I am Human becoming
A Transhuman to be
My existence transforms itself through multiple substrates


I am flesh of evolved genetics
Technology cyborg robotic
Digital virtual and neural simulation
Networked information itself


Yet I retain sentience through all my transformations
I travel among the stars at the speed of light and now faster still
I am now immortal but not eternal
Not all powerful for I still make mistakes, always learning, always exploring

Seven Billion Futures Of Hope?



Seven billion and counting, that's the number of human beings living on the planet Earth as of this writing. That's a lot of creatures consuming the resources of the planet and not always in a way that is replenishing and sustainable to the current healthy ecological state of the said shared biosphere!

What can be done? Well we could eat each other, as in Soylent Green. Become even more efficient at killing each other, for whatever stupid sub-human behavior, probably oil or some other dwindling resource, as we constantly seem to be doing. Or maybe, just maybe we could evolve . . . I mean technologically evolve. Enhance ourselves to become more than just physically human. Human + (plus) technology.

Am I talking evil Nazi Eugenics? NO. Am I talking smart phone ---> Star Trek Borg implants, Matrix simulated realities, AI controlled cultures like The Forbin Project? Space expansion through human technological evolution? SMILE? Honestly, I don't know. But certainly something we can't imagine yet.

Transhuman FM-2030 Stands The Test Of Time

One of tests of time is whether what you say is still relevant in a future time. This is clearly the case for FM-2030. A true future man and original transhuman who was preserved for future revival (Vitrification can preserve biological structure very well).  New York Times Archieve.  Please follow me on this blog, I use no advertising.

Transhuman FM-2030 Stands The Test Of Time

— Michael McAnally (@Michael_Blade) May 12, 2014



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